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InfoWars News & Analysis

Because There Is A War on For Your Mind! Alex Jones and his team of InfoWars reporters break down the electronic Berlin Wall of media control by reaching millions of people around the world.

Infowars is a beacon of truth in a maelstrom of lies and deception.

Infowars is on the front lines in exposing the control freaks who seek to turn the globe into a prison planet.

Listen to Alex Jones live Monday – Friday from 12AM-3PM (EST) & Sunday 5PM-7PM (EST).

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Drudge Report

Drudge Report Independent News


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Sibel Edmonds

David Icke Podcast

Newsbud – where media integrity matters.

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Signs Of The Times

Signs Of The Times news

Launched on March 26, 2002, is a research project of the non-profit Quantum Future Group (QFG).

The project includes collecting, arranging, and analyzing news items that seem to best reflect the dominant ‘energies’ on the planet.

This research further includes noting whether or not human beings, individually and/or collectively, can actually remember from one day to the next the state of the planet, and whether they are able to accurately read that information and make intelligent decisions about their future based on that knowledge.

In short, is an experiment.

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Breitbart News & Analysis

Breitbart is a syndicated news and opinion website providing continuously updated headlines to top news and analysis sources.

Breitbart was founded by Andrew James Breitbart an American entrepreneur, commentator for The Washington Times, media critic, journalist, author, and television and radio personality on various news programs, who served as an editor for the Drudge Report website. He was a researcher for and close friend of Arianna Huffington, and he helped create an early version of The Huffington Post.

Andrew Breitbart died in 2012 under suspicious circumstances. As Infowars reported on the 28 November 2016:
“Breitbart died mysteriously in the early hours of March 1, 2012 – just hours before his planned release of footage of Barack Obama that he assured would heavily damage the sitting president’s chances of reelection.
“Days before, he had declared: “Wait until they see what happens March 1st.”
“Weeks later, Breitbart’s coroner, Michael Cormier, passed away – also in a suspicious and sudden fashion.”

Although Breitbart is regarded as leaning towards the political Right, News Kids On The Block regard Breitbart and its founder Andrew Breitbart as very much central to the peaceful revolution having been fought, and being fought, against the NWO – and the corrupted government, institutions, and individuals it represents. It just so happens that the media of the Left is far more controlled by the globalist criminals than the media of the Right in this regard.

Therefore, in order to present you with news that closest resembles the truth, we are bound to be presenting (at the moment) more media sources that are considered to be of the Right than those that are considered to be of the Left.

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