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Meanwhile, this flashing billboard is driving around downtown #DC. Many Trump supporters have expressed disappointment that in Trump’s flurry of last-minute pardons, Assange was not one of them.

Trump pardons Israeli officer who enlisted spy Pollard | AP

Julian Assange's fiance launches new appeal:

On behalf of Julian and myself: thank you all for your extraordinary efforts. Today, the next stage of the legal battle to free my partner Julian Assange begins #FreeAssange

Donate Now:

Julian Assange on Big Tech: 'Google is not what it seems'

"Google's influence on the choices and behavior of the totality of individual human beings translates to real power to influence the course of history”


Julian Assange: Special Administrative Measures - what they are and how they imperil press freedom | @CJR #FreePress #FreeAssange

Even at the last moment, #Trump fails to do the right thing and pardon @Snowden, Assange, and @RealRossU. Four years later, the swamp remains intact, corruption is still excused, and the 45th #POTUS seals his legacy.

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  • , title : 'WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange extradition blocked by British judge | DW News'
    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange extradition blocked by British judge | DW News

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  • , title : 'Top 5 secrets revealed on Wikileaks'
    Top 5 secrets revealed on Wikileaks

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  • , title : 'WikiLeaks Vault 7 explained'
    WikiLeaks Vault 7 explained


VAULT 7 – brought to you by the people’s hero Julian Assange’s WIKILEAKS – is the latest, and the greatest exposure to date of the crimes perpetrated on THE PEOPLE by the illicit and depraved “DEEP STATE”, which even now still shows signs that it thinks that the information of its global criminality can be somehow suppressed and swept under the carpet of its MIND-COTNROL MEDIA and UN-SOCIAL MEDIA networks.

It has already been shown – for a fact – that all “samestream” media is utterly controlled by DARK GOVERNMENT (The Deep State) – which is clearly the enemy of all the people and of civilized society – but also that all the big Un-Social Media and Internet companies were established by it, purely in order to manufacture greater control over the human populace.

Now we know – for a fact – that every central CONSPIRACY THEORY concerning the DEEP STATE spying on the people via smart phones, computers, TVs and appliances was not only true but most often was very conservative in its allegations.


Wikileaks "VAULT 7"
Wikileaks "VAULT 7"


1. When you hear a repeated CONSPIRACY THEORY about the DEEP STATE from a recognised Independent source … BELIEVE IT!

2. By default, do not trust information given by sources of authority, which include government; mainstream media; institutions of education, law, the military and religion; corporations; and of course secret societies and secret services, for they are ALL utterly corrupted and malign.

3. Empower yourself, think for yourself, and move towards trusting those who others have learned to trust. Discover REAL news and information from only those individuals.

4. Above all, remain positive and confident, and know that the enemy that the people currently faces is rightly panicked in its realisation that it faces imminent defeat and extinction. THE PEOPLE are on the rise and the criminal DARK GOVERNMENT is cornered, confused, and irreversibly collapsing.