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LAUNCH: We have opened a EU shop. Prices are in € and products ship from Europe. #FreeAssange Wear your support for Julian and WikiLeaks

LONDON TODAY: 100 days since WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange was illegally seized from the embassy and imprisoned. He faces a US kangaroo court and 175 years prison for publishing the truth.

No US extradition for Assange! #FreePress #FreeAssange

Now on @ConsortiumNews #CNLive: WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson, journalists Michael Isikoff and Pepe Escobar, political scientist As’ad AbuKhalil and author George Szamuely

Former Ecuadorian foreign minister @RicardoPatinoEC: "Every day we are more certain that we did the right thing granting Assange political asylum"

An interview about why Assange was granted asylum and the political pressures that lead Moreno to revoke it:

"Collective violence, such as torturing a publisher for journalism, requires more than persecuting authorities, mobbing states and media smear campaigns to survive... Atrocity does not take place without passive, complacent, compliant bystanders"

Chelsea Manning is now being fined $1000 a day for refusing to testify against Assange and WikiLeaks. If she does not testify, she will be fined nearly half a million dollars over the course of the grand jury.

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  • , title : 'Who is Julian Assange? - BBC News'
    Who is Julian Assange? - BBC News

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  • , title : '101: WikiLeaks revealed'
    101: WikiLeaks revealed

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  • , title : 'Vault 7 CIA leaks: Frankfurt hacking base, ‘Pocket Putin’, spying TVs and more from WikiLeaks'
    Vault 7 CIA leaks: Frankfurt hacking base, ‘Pocket Putin’, spying TVs and more from WikiLeaks


VAULT 7 – brought to you by the people’s hero Julian Assange’s WIKILEAKS – is the latest, and the greatest exposure to date of the crimes perpetrated on THE PEOPLE by the illicit and depraved “DEEP STATE”, which even now still shows signs that it thinks that the information of its global criminality can be somehow suppressed and swept under the carpet of its MIND-COTNROL MEDIA and UN-SOCIAL MEDIA networks.

It has already been shown – for a fact – that all “samestream” media is utterly controlled by DARK GOVERNMENT (The Deep State) – which is clearly the enemy of all the people and of civilized society – but also that all the big Un-Social Media and Internet companies were established by it, purely in order to manufacture greater control over the human populace.

Now we know – for a fact – that every central CONSPIRACY THEORY concerning the DEEP STATE spying on the people via smart phones, computers, TVs and appliances was not only true but most often was very conservative in its allegations.


Wikileaks "VAULT 7"
Wikileaks "VAULT 7"


1. When you hear a repeated CONSPIRACY THEORY about the DEEP STATE from a recognised Independent source … BELIEVE IT!

2. By default, do not trust information given by sources of authority, which include government; mainstream media; institutions of education, law, the military and religion; corporations; and of course secret societies and secret services, for they are ALL utterly corrupted and malign.

3. Empower yourself, think for yourself, and move towards trusting those who others have learned to trust. Discover REAL news and information from only those individuals.

4. Above all, remain positive and confident, and know that the enemy that the people currently faces is rightly panicked in its realisation that it faces imminent defeat and extinction. THE PEOPLE are on the rise and the criminal DARK GOVERNMENT is cornered, confused, and irreversibly collapsing.