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Video: Why did @WikiLeaks publisher predict that Trump-Russia collusion was probably hysteria as far back as April 2017?

Chelsea Manning, the anti-secrecy campaigner who was jailed for refusing to testify to a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks, has been held in solitary confinement for over two weeks, supporters say

After getting rich by exploiting liberals with a book of proof of "collusion", @lukeharding1968 went on to publish an article claiming Manafort secretly visited Assange 3 times in the embassy. Everyone knows it's false, but Guardian won't retract. This is the state of journalism.


Top ten press fabrications in the 'Russiagate' conspiracy craze related to @WikiLeaks:

1. An intentional front page fabrication in the Guardian falsely asserted Manafort secretly met with Assange -- in 2013, 2015 & 2016 with 'Russians'. Being sued:

.@AaronJMate on the implosion of 'Russiagate'

The @guardian humiliates its own journalist, Luke Harding, who wrote an entire book on the COLLUSION no one found but him. Will the paper now apologise for his Assange/Manafort damaging fabrication? The book topped @nytimes bestseller list. Now the paper reports the book is trash

Easily one of the best acts of real journalism throughout this whole ordeal was this masterful interview by @aaronjmate of @lukeharding1968, who got rich with a best-selling book claiming proof of "Collusion". This showed there was none:

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    Julian Assange could soon leave Ecuadorian Embassy in London

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    Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) l'entretien exclusif - Le Grand Journal

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  • , title : 'Julian Assange Press Conference and Q&A on Vault 7, Year Zero and the CIA (03-09-2017)'
    Julian Assange Press Conference and Q&A on Vault 7, Year Zero and the CIA (03-09-2017)


VAULT 7 – brought to you by the people’s hero Julian Assange’s WIKILEAKS – is the latest, and the greatest exposure to date of the crimes perpetrated on THE PEOPLE by the illicit and depraved “DEEP STATE”, which even now still shows signs that it thinks that the information of its global criminality can be somehow suppressed and swept under the carpet of its MIND-COTNROL MEDIA and UN-SOCIAL MEDIA networks.

It has already been shown – for a fact – that all “samestream” media is utterly controlled by DARK GOVERNMENT (The Deep State) – which is clearly the enemy of all the people and of civilized society – but also that all the big Un-Social Media and Internet companies were established by it, purely in order to manufacture greater control over the human populace.

Now we know – for a fact – that every central CONSPIRACY THEORY concerning the DEEP STATE spying on the people via smart phones, computers, TVs and appliances was not only true but most often was very conservative in its allegations.


Wikileaks "VAULT 7"
Wikileaks "VAULT 7"


1. When you hear a repeated CONSPIRACY THEORY about the DEEP STATE from a recognised Independent source … BELIEVE IT!

2. By default, do not trust information given by sources of authority, which include government; mainstream media; institutions of education, law, the military and religion; corporations; and of course secret societies and secret services, for they are ALL utterly corrupted and malign.

3. Empower yourself, think for yourself, and move towards trusting those who others have learned to trust. Discover REAL news and information from only those individuals.

4. Above all, remain positive and confident, and know that the enemy that the people currently faces is rightly panicked in its realisation that it faces imminent defeat and extinction. THE PEOPLE are on the rise and the criminal DARK GOVERNMENT is cornered, confused, and irreversibly collapsing.