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A Senate committee has approved the nomination of Samantha Power as Director of USAID

246 results from the @wikileaks archives:

Hong Kong Court Sentences Pro-Democracy Leaders to Prison | New York Times

Like Julian #Assange, David McBride is an heroic Australian whistleblower. But Australia doesn't celebrate true heroes; it crushes them. McBride faces 50 years in prison unlike the criminals he exposed, who brought war to Afghanistan. Read his words:

We will be discussing “Assange - International Symposium of Parliamentarians” with Free Assange. Saturday, 17 Apr at 4:30 pm BST on @joinclubhouse. Join us!

Secret files raise questions over civilian casualties | Interview with Julian Assange | Channel4 #Afghanistan


WIKILEAKS: Madoff Tried To Rip Off Qaddafi | Business Insider #Madoff

Press freedom advocates demand Biden DOJ drop all charges against Assange on the two-year anniversary of his arrest

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  • , title : 'Wikileaks - USA against Julian Assange'
    Wikileaks - USA against Julian Assange

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  • , title : 'WikiLeaks: The Forgotten Man (2012) | Four Corners'
    WikiLeaks: The Forgotten Man (2012) | Four Corners

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  • , title : 'How Vault 7 Leaks Helped Develop My Own Cyberespionage Weapon'
    How Vault 7 Leaks Helped Develop My Own Cyberespionage Weapon


VAULT 7 – brought to you by the people’s hero Julian Assange’s WIKILEAKS – is the latest, and the greatest exposure to date of the crimes perpetrated on THE PEOPLE by the illicit and depraved “DEEP STATE”, which even now still shows signs that it thinks that the information of its global criminality can be somehow suppressed and swept under the carpet of its MIND-COTNROL MEDIA and UN-SOCIAL MEDIA networks.

It has already been shown – for a fact – that all “samestream” media is utterly controlled by DARK GOVERNMENT (The Deep State) – which is clearly the enemy of all the people and of civilized society – but also that all the big Un-Social Media and Internet companies were established by it, purely in order to manufacture greater control over the human populace.

Now we know – for a fact – that every central CONSPIRACY THEORY concerning the DEEP STATE spying on the people via smart phones, computers, TVs and appliances was not only true but most often was very conservative in its allegations.


Wikileaks "VAULT 7"
Wikileaks "VAULT 7"


1. When you hear a repeated CONSPIRACY THEORY about the DEEP STATE from a recognised Independent source … BELIEVE IT!

2. By default, do not trust information given by sources of authority, which include government; mainstream media; institutions of education, law, the military and religion; corporations; and of course secret societies and secret services, for they are ALL utterly corrupted and malign.

3. Empower yourself, think for yourself, and move towards trusting those who others have learned to trust. Discover REAL news and information from only those individuals.

4. Above all, remain positive and confident, and know that the enemy that the people currently faces is rightly panicked in its realisation that it faces imminent defeat and extinction. THE PEOPLE are on the rise and the criminal DARK GOVERNMENT is cornered, confused, and irreversibly collapsing.