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*** DEEP STATE Neo-Cons on the Right and DEEP STATE Islamic Communists on the Left being fully utilised by their unified masters – THE SECRET SOCIETY Oligarchs – to create a social war and a military war (initiated in Syria and N Korea) aimed at enslaving the people under the POLICE STATE that will emerge from the embers of their planned global riots and WW3 … ***
– – – ONLY EVER TRUST INDEPENDENT MEDIA … CNN, MSNBC, BBC and the rest are UTTERLY controlled by the enemies of the people … – – –
*** Propaganda seeds being sown of Trump “False Flag” in preparation of NWO instigated false flag terror act in the US in attempt to destabilise Trump’s fight against PEDOPHILE NETWORKS THAT CONTROL AT LEAST HALF OF KEY GOVERNMENT PERSONNEL in the US, the EU, the UK and NWO controlled governments ***
*** (UK) “The Knightly Order” factions attempting global coup against the “New World Order” continues as the two secret society rivals battle to take advantage of the imminent collapse of the EU. The Rothschild agent Theresa May tasked from the start to force either the total collapse of Brexit under new Corbyn government (before he is deposed by NWO stooges in SNP, Liberal Democrats, Greens) or their preferred “pillow soft” Brexit under the pro-European Rothschild and Tavistock Institute trained Lieutenant May. The Knightly Order Alliance have Trump, and the NWO banking cabal controls the EU. However, the people are waking up at record speed to the truth about the global tyranny of ALL the Secret Society groups. The NWO cornered tiger is running out of options ***
*** Raids on SYSTEM PEDOPHILE RINGS connected to the NWO dissolute hierarchy are succeeding under Donald Trump’s orders (and totally covered up by the MSM collaborators), sparking renewed efforts by moral “white hat” military, CIA and FBI in the US and police officers in the UK and Europe, to push their investigations further into the protected circles of the highest levels of Hollywood, Washington DC, Westminster, and the so-called aristocracy … The coming total exposure of SYSTEM PEDOPHILIA and SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE SRA is set to bring down the whole social hierarchy and political system of human domination. Be prepared to be SHOCKED BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION by who has been involved and what they have done!!! ***
– – – EVERYTHING YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD IS A LIE … you are brainwashed from birth to the grave by the system – – –
*** DEEP STATE NWO criminal infiltrators in US government, CIA and FBI are being systematically replaced by Trump administration supporters of THE REVOLUTION … DOJ covertly building criminal cases against key NWO connected criminals within government and associated agencies who are desperately throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Donald Trump in order regain power before they are charged with a huge list of offences from pedophilia to crimes against humanity. ***
– – – DEMOCRACY IS A SHAM …. the system is wholly corrupted to the core. ELECTIONS ARE RIGGED. The true voice of the people is never heard. THE SYSTEM REQUIRES TOTAL PEACEFUL REPLACEMENT – – –
*** RUSSIA being one of the last remaining nations to reject ROTHSCHILD banking, not to accept the economic debt enslavement of the ROTHSCHILD backed DEEP STATE, and to kick-back against the NWO’s depopulation agenda via vaccinations, Big Pharma, GMO food and slow-poisoning water, is being targeted for destruction via negative and false MSM propaganda and potential military attacks by NEW WORLD ORDER’s criminal thug force NATO and DDEP STATE controlled terrorist cells ***
– – – Unless you understand the HIDDEN AGENDA YOU HAVE NO VALID OPINION in the conversation … FULL STOP … you must discover the reality of ALL THE CONSPIRACIES if you are to see the real truth. You are simply a programmed fool (a useful idiot in Stalin’s words) if you do not seek out your education through only THE INDEPENDENT media! – – –

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