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Freeman TV

Freeman Fly is hoping to soon be broadcasting his show via a TV studio set-up. For the time being many of the ‘Latest Videos’ below (Freeman’s shows) are in essence audio podcast videos. NewsKids regard Freeman as such a central personality within ‘High Politics’ and the revolution of consciousness – which is currently waking up the human populace to the control system – that we will promote his podcasts as much as we can, and unreservedly recommend listening to Freeman and his guest experts as an essential part of your political and social self-education.

Freeman TV

Freeman TV Podcast

Freeman TV Podcast – where politics meets the esoteric.

An expert on Illuminati social engineering through corporations and celebrity Hollywood mind control; Illuminati Corporate Logos and America’s goddess, Columbia.

Freeman’s predictions having included 9/11 and the 10/13 bank crash and the Obama birth conspiracy.

He is an Award-Winning television producer with the first-ever documentary on HAARP and first to televise a documentary on Chemtrails.


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