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Ron Gibson

Greg Burns "I value my freedom more than I value my life."

“I value my freedom more than I value my life.” Greg Burns

RON GIBSON: “I dedicate this channel to my best friend, Greg. He ended his life so that the powers that be could not take his freedom from him and to end his pain of a life that was so unfair to the most selfless person I have ever know. I miss his friendship and company. May he Rest In Peace with the Freedom his Spirit now has. Be sure to read his letter to me, in the about section. [see the Featured Video].

It’s an honor to be part of Alex Jones’ FreeSpeechSystems youtube network. My Thanks to Alex Jones and to all the Infowars crew.”


Greg Burns – My best friend’s last words

NEWS KIDS: Ron Gibson exemplifies the character of those who are currently standing up against the tyrants who control human society. The awakening to liberate humankind gets misleadingly labelled as Alt-Right and its proponents as conspiracy cranks and other derogatory or dismissive terms, in order to conceal the reality that it is empathic and selfless people like Ron Gibson who really make up the freedom movement. Ron has been central in promoting InfoWars, WhatReallyHappened and other truth tellers through his YouTube channel and social media.

He is a credit to his friend Greg Burns, to whom he dedicates the YouTube Channel. NEWS KIDS has been greatly inspired by – and will continue to be inspired by – individuals such as Ron Gibson, who selflessly promote those who simply seek to inform the people about anything and everything that the Psychopathic Elite attempt to conceal from them. We take nothing away from that hero of truth tellers Alex Jones when we say that he and others stand on the shoulders of champions of liberty such as Ron.