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The NWO, The Knightly Orders, the UK General Election & Brexit

The NWO, The Knightly Orders, the UK General Election & Brexit

The NWO, The Knightly Orders, the UK General Election & Brexit

Puppeteers of The Knightly Orders pulling the strings of May & Farron
The truth behind the UK General Election and its links to Brexit.
Deep politics (not for the Sheeple).

A breakdown of the Deep State’s machinations to date:
Following the removal of the previous Vatican mafia boss, Joseph Ratzinger, a significant rift appeared within the Secret Societies in Rome and then Italy, then Europe and ultimately across the entire globe.

This rift can best be understood as being between the more traditional and esoteric aristocratic elites – or Knightly Orders – and those who are now generally referred to as the Globalist elite or the NWO.

Prior to Brexit, the Knightly Orders begin to oppose NWO factions of the Deep State.
Elizabeth Windsor (aka Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) was instructed to give the signal (using Michael Gove as the leak) to faction members aligned to the Knightly Orders, to break away from public support of the EU and to form the official representation of the LEAVE campaign.


The Knightly Orders are essentially all under the command of the Vatican.

At the same time, representative factions of the Knightly Orders in the US threw their support behind their adopted candidate Donald Trump against the globalist candidate Hillary Clinton.

Both these moves were designed to align the Knightly Orders with the expanding popularist uprising against the establishment. At the higher levels of the political hierarchy (specifically the Rothschild banking system) this was a necessary and standard attachment of the lower level serving factions to every power structure, whether existing or potential. Just as these banking levels of the pyramid controlled both Napoleon and Wellington; both Hitler & Stalin; both Capitalism and Communism, so too will they attempt to control both the Globalists and the Nationalists, respectively through the NWO and the Knightly Orders, and through political institutions from Zionism to Black Lives Matter.

Following Brexit, the Knightly Orders then made moves behind the political scenes to install their preferred political candidate in the UK – Theresa May – to replace the fall-guys to whom they had initially promised commitment – Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. At the same time they made direct threats towards those such as Nigel Farage to stay out of the political limelight as they were too independent of establishment control and to responsive to the people’s wishes. The BBC was then used to systematically discredit each candidate who opposed Theresa May, whilst at the same time the Secret Societies used a mixture of hard and soft blackmail and bribery procedures behind the scenes to force all alternative candidates to concede to May’s leadership of the party and the country.

Theresa May had been a globalist insider but her loyalties ultimately lay with the Knightly Orders and a more traditional version of elite rule over the masses, generally understood as the continuation of the Divine Rights of Kings, esoterically known as hierarchical domination of the human race by the established Annunaki bloodline families.


A selection of Secret Society members of The Knightly Orders of the 20th century. There’s nothing noble in being Knightly.

Such monarchic rule and antiquated customs and rituals associated with its adherents, directly conflicts with the futurist concepts of the transhumanist NWO and the Communistic style of totalitarian rule that is idealised by the globalists.

Due to her prior Rothschild bank and Intelligence programming, and her capacity to deal with both rival factions of the Secret Societies, Theresa May was seen as the ideal candidate to continue to represent elitist control over the UK during a transition from ultimate authority by the NWO factions to a perceived new era of authority under the Knightly Orders, which has not been seen in practice on a global scale for at least 100 years.

Of course, although such a transition may temporarily provide a rest-bite to the people from the current all-out psychopathic agenda of the globalist NWO, the elite bloodlines ultimately control all the sides of the game: the Globalists and the Knightly Orders; the Aristocracy and the Transhumanists.

So the important task is as always to continue to enlighten the populace to the complete fiction of ALL politics, and the absolute reality of DEEP POLITICS and of humanity’s utter manipulation and servitude under the rule of the Secret Societies, which operate with impunity throughout the DEEP STATE, and against the welfare of the greater human populace.

The only real concern of those at the very top of the pyramid of control is that there may be a global awakening of the human populace that cannot be co-opted or destroyed by the political lackeys of the parasitic bloodlines. The awakening of the people is clear to see even within the fixed electoral system that is falsely called democracy. The rise of Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, and of the people’s candidates of the so-called Left and Right throughout Europe, is a beacon of peril to those who are programmed from birth to falsely believe they have an ordained right of privilege over all other sovereign individuals.

The peaceful revolution to end of all revolutions is very tangible because it is so authentic and apparent to all those who are conscious enough to see through the veil of social deception that still blinds the masses.

While the Knightly Orders believe that they have attained sustainable control over Donald Trump, having adequately quarantined him from the people’s voice, and are now in a pitched battle within the Intelligence Services and the Military to seize command from their globalist NWO rivals, Europe is now again the key battleground in regards to the elite’s defence of government against THE PEOPLE.

Similarly to Bernie Sanders in the US, Jeremy Corbyn is the greatest threat to the establishment because he threatens to align the Left against it. The Right is generally able to be pulled to heel by military action, which is the present tactic against Trump in the US. However, the Left has the advantage of being more internally cooperative and less influenced by the political fragmentation of individuality, which is a blessing to the revolution of a person but a curse to any revolution of the people.

This is why Socialism – National Socialism of the Nazis or State Socialism of the Communists – has always been operated at the top by fascists of the Right controlling a deceived collective mass of the Left. Corrupted individuals will always seek to corrupt and dominate a group, and the Secret Societies are always there to politically facilitate that exchange.

During the 20th century, the NWO succeeded in capturing the throne of political power simply because it aimed everything at manipulating and controlling the Left from behind the curtain.

Jeremy Corbyn remains the greatest threat to both the Globalists and the Knightly Orders because – further to the revolution by those on the Right seen in the US election – he threatens to bring about an authentic revolution against the establishment by the Left, and at the very centre of the Secret Societies’ spider’s web – England and the British Isles.

It is for this reason that those who exist at the highest levels of the political pyramid – and who pull the puppet strings of the political puppeteers themselves – have orchestrated what they believe to be a check-mate position against the people.

Following the realisation that a “LEAVE’ vote was imminent in the Brexit referendum, a plan was concocted to irrevocably attach Jeremy Corbyn to the “REMAIN” campaign. Despite the reality that Jeremy Corbyn fully comprehended the Fascist nature of the unelected EU hierarchy, and on balance preferring to leave the EU (whilst retaining certain socialist legislation), the BBC’s propaganda cannons were continually fired at Jeremy Corbyn in an attempt to destabalise him and replace him with a NWO candidate, whilst at the same time pushing him into a position where his base expected him to unequivocally back any attempt to remain within Europe whilst he remained as leader of the Party. The attempt to remove him from control over the Labour Party failed due to the awakening populace that control the party vote – despite 95% of Labour MPs being NWO lackeys – but this victory has resulted in Jeremy Corbyn having to rely on his false conviction to reversing an exit from Europe at any cost.

Once the establishment had gauged that the BBC’s propaganda and fake news had swayed enough of the populace to shift from a position of LEAVE to a position of REMAIN, and following the DEEP STATE’S Scottish insider Nicola Sturgeon’s parallel moves to position Scotland to either remain within the EU or split with the UK (and then unilaterally remain), the chessboard was set-up for Theresa May to call for a general election.

So this is how the DEEP STATE sees this playing out.

As the days tick away towards the General Election, the propaganda unit that is the BBC will move the people towards regarding the General Election as a second EU referendum.

Those who want to remain within the EU will move to vote for Jeremy Corbyn or for the current main globalist stooge within UK politics, the Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron. Tim Farron is primed to announce a Labour/Liberal coalition against the Conservatives as and when his masters perceive that Corbyn is prepared to mandate for a U-turn back into Europe following election victory. Once that is the case, a Labour/Liberal coalition for Europe will be announced.

Those who wish to leave will be forced to vote for Theresa May, who of course was also for the REMAIN campaign before ‘the week of the long knives’, which catapulted her into unelected power immediately following Brexit.

If the Conservatives win, then the main establishment candidate May – an ardent REMAIN campaigner – will reign supreme over Britain’s exiting of Europe (a ‘pillow soft’ Brexit), and if Jeremy Corbyn wins, the victory will be constructed on the basis that he is mandated to extinguish the Brexit LEAVE vote. Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron will be utilised in a pincer movement against Jeremy Corbyn, offering full political support (management) if he agrees, and threatening to oppose him at every opportunity if he does not. This will leave Corbyn as Prime Minister who will be weighed down by a singular task to bring the UK back into Europe. Once that is guaranteed, he will be quickly ousted by the Zionist controlled party with the full support of Tim Farron and Nicola Sturgeon.

There are two Secret Society factions at work here, but both would prefer a united Europe, respectively under either the control of the NWO or under the Knightly Orders.


The New World Order is centred towards transhumanism and a neo-Luciferian doctrine.

However, the Knightly Orders are on the rise and the NWO is on the decline, so if the vote goes to the Conservatives, and Brexit goes ahead, then the Knightly Orders have positioned themselves perfectly within their historic base (England & London) to manage over the collapse of Europe and the reconstruction of it under pseudo-British command.


The Cross of Malta is probably the most recognisable symbol of The Knightly Orders. It represents a two-dimensional pyramid.

The plan could still fail because the landscape is changing so quickly, and the people are speedily beginning to reject the propaganda that they used to willingly accept.

Given a little more time, the people are awakening at a rate that may have scuppered such finely balanced plans, which is one of the reasons why Theresa May was instructed to call a snap Election. There are also astrological reasons, but even the more conscious reader of this article may not have awakened enough as yet to appreciate the significance of such cosmic factors within politics, so we’ll leave that to the side for now.

The important thing to understand about the UK General Election – to bastardise a Francis Bacon (aka Shakespeare) phrase – is that all politics is a Punch and Judy show, and all the puppets merely players. To understand politics, you simply need to understand who is really pulling the strings.


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Secret services and surveillance is not the solution, admits Home Secretary

Secret services and surveillance is not the solution, admits Home Secretary

Secret services and surveillance is not the solution, admits Home Secretary

On the 26th March 2017, Amber Rudd, the British Home Secretary, stated her agreement that it is the “sad truth” that “if you tripled the budget for MI5 and MI6, if you poured money into policing, they still wouldn’t be able to catch everybody.”

Andrew Marr: “It was incredibly low tech as an attack. It was hiring a car and buying a knife.”

Amber Rudd: “Yea.”

Andrew Marr: “And isn’t the real truth – and we should say this to people out there – in this kind of world, those kind of attacks can’t always be stopped. If you tripled the budget for MI5 and MI6, if you poured money into policing, they still wouldn’t be able to catch everybody.”

Amber Rudd: “I’m afraid that is the sad truth. We’ve been at the threat level of severe for two and a half years, which means that an attack is highly likely.”


The UK Home Secretary (it may soon be English Home Secretary judging by the the rapid disintegration of the Union) was unreservedly compliant in her agreement with Andrew Marr. Such interviews with senior politicians conducted by the BBC are always regimentally scripted, with Andrew Marr keeping a well-trodden balance between sycophancy and supposed journalistic integrity in regards to towing the propaganda line of his counterparts in the Ministry, and so we can be sure that the Home Secretary and her British Intelligence handlers were not only well prepared for Andrew Marr’s comments but they had likely watched Marr rehearse them under instruction.

Authentic journalism and intelligent analysis of what a politician might actually know to be true – contrary to the lip service they engage in – is a long lost art, at least within the “samestream media”. Everything is a soundbite; everything is part of a hidden agenda; everything is propaganda.

So that being the case, then the British Home Secretary – or rather the British Intelligence community – obviously wants the populace to be conditioned with the notion that terrorist actions in the future (and specifically – in respect to that interview – Islamic terrorist actions) are inevitable.

Supplementary to that social programming purpose, the clear admittance from Amber Rudd that even “if you tripled the budget for MI5 and MI6” and “poured money into policing, they still wouldn’t be able to catch everybody” is a ‘get out of jail free card’ for those such as Amber Rudd, once the coming onslaught of Muslim terrorism has been unleashed, as part and parcel of the NWO’s umbrella agenda for a clash of civilisations. However, to the listener or viewer who has avoided the fluoride, the vaccinations and the happy pills, and is therefore more “awake” to the obvious hypocrisy that the fake news media tries so hard to avoid, the Home Secretary’s admittance simply echoes what the sane minority of the British people have known forever, and the ‘not totally insane’ majority of the British people would be more than happy to accept if they weren’t programmed by propaganda 24/7.

That truth is that any violence against the State – whether an unadulterated ‘false flag’ operation or the kick-back responses of a programmed populace – is mercilessly exploited by the State for the purposes of the specific agenda of gaining “full spectrum dominance” over the property, person and mind of the individual, and that such violence against the State is always either: a direct reaction to a greater violence of the State or DEEP STATE against the individual (foreign or domestic); or more despicably, such violence is systematically orchestrated by the most criminal, secret elements of the DEEP STATE (as in the case of Operation Gladio).

So the most rational individuals who listened to Amber Rudd admit that ploughing money into more surveillance, more covert operations and more military-style policing would not stop a determined man with a car and a knife, would probably say to themselves, “No sh*t Sherlock.” But most people do not currently live in such a factual reality. Most people are so dumbed down from their natural state of alert thought that they actually have been under the illusion that a bunch of guys who dress like black-sprayed stormtroopers – seemingly fashioned to look cool to 12-year-old boys who were weaned on Hollywood and X-box violence – can stop terrorism in the modern world. With over 30 million cars alone on British roads and billions of knives, the only statistic that matters is the number of individuals who are prepared to utilise such weapons on any random street at any random time.

It doesn’t take someone trained in anti-terrorism to figure out what the Home Secretary had to admit. The security services, the secret services, the policing service, and any military service cannot stop this. Perhaps that is why it is only ever the wise and awake members of the general public – not trained in anti-terrorism, with no mercenary self-interest or concealed authoritarian agenda – who always seem to know what the real answers are to these big social and political problems. On the other hand, politicians seem to persistently illustrate that they are either ignorant of how the world actually works, or are easily convinced by the lies of those behind the scenes who care little for the welfare of the general populace and who need the chaos in order to fulfill their malign agendas.

It is clear that a social trend of animosity towards the native European people and culture has been cultivated. It is clear that such a large-scale cultivation could not exist and be perpetuated without the collusion of those within the corridors of global power, and without the well managed promotion of it by the samestream media. It is clear that there is always a direct correlation between Islamic terrorist actions perpetrated in European countries, and the military destruction of the Middle East along with the massacring of Muslim peoples by NATO and its conspiring military partners. To deny these truths is ridiculous. But the State is perpetuated by its military relationships and ideology. Social governance in the 21st century is not yet civilized. Indeed, it is still barbaric. The people have become more civilized but the so-called leadership are just as insanely primitive and primitively insane as their counterparts in ancient times. Caligula’s descendants are alive and well, constructing the political arenas of the 21st century. The psychopaths are still allowed to run things, and that is the simple reason why there is suffering and misery in the world. None of it is the fault of the human being or the human race; it is purely the fault of a small number of ruling bloodlines and the political and financial puppets through whom they wield control over society.

The PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION vehicle used for manipulating the people is utilized most terribly in regards to terrorism. Again, OPERATION GLADIO is a great example for those who wish to understand just how far the DEEP STATE is prepared to go in sacrificing the lives of the general public in order to advance its authoritarian, criminal agenda, and to expand military, police and so-called ‘intelligence’ budgets.

PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION was best illustrated by David Icke; one of the truly great investigators and revolutionaries of out time. Create the problem. Wait for the public’s calculated reaction. Provide the required agenda as the pre-planned solution.

Create the problem > terrorism
Foster the people’s reaction > fear
Provide the pre-planned solution > reliance on DEEP STATE military-style policing, increased surveillance of the general public and increase the people’s funding of military institutions.

Amber Rudd is so blatantly capitalising on a terrorist act that has its roots in the military aggression of the DEEP STATE, NATO and related forces of globalist thuggery. The purpose is to inform the British populace that the State requires more of the people’s money to give to those very same institutions of NWO tyranny that created the problem. She admits that terrorism will continue no matter how much money is thrown at the police state, but wants to do exactly that. Military thinking caused the terrorism to manifest, but the Home Secretary is part of a sociopathic club that can only think militarily. Of course it doesn’t make sense. If you think that anything makes sense in the circus of psychopathy that is international politics, then you are as mentally unstable as those who desire the wars and the mayhem. You are locked in the basement of a mad house called human society.

There will be no peace until those who understand that trying to fix a problem by using the same thinking that created it in the first place is insanity begin to replace those such as Amber Rudd who can’t comprehend such peace promoting logic. In other words, let’s begin a campaign to prohibit psychopathic and sociopathic personalities in all political positions of power. Now that’s a policy worth voting for!


If you’re not looking for the hidden agenda.
If you’re not seeing the propaganda.
Then you’re falling for their deceptions and accepting their lies.

Watch the puppets.
Hear their bullsh*t.
Then think for yourself.

No more deception. No more surveillance. No more secrecy!


Stay informed at the hub for truthful news –  … because information is a human right!

British “Deep State” Propaganda vs. Wikileaks Vault 7

British “Deep State” Propaganda vs. Wikileaks Vault 7

British “Deep State” Propaganda vs. Wikileaks Vault 7

British Home Secretary Amber Rudd ‘coincidentally’ calls for GCHQ access to WhatsApp and other apps just as the people awaken to Wikileaks’ recent disclosures that GCHQ has illegally accessed such apps in order to seek “full spectrum dominance” over the people.

VAULT 7’s “Year Zero” documents show that the CIA had dozens of weaponized tools which it had either developed itself or obtained from other Deep State operators, most notably GCHQ, the British version of the NSA.

As Wikileaks stated in its Vault 7 Press Release on the 7th March 2017:

a specialized unit in the CIA’s Mobile Development Branch produces malware to infest, control and exfiltrate data from iPhones and other Apple products running iOS, such as iPads. CIA’s arsenal includes numerous local and remote “zero days” developed by CIA or obtained from GCHQ, NSA, FBI or purchased from cyber arms contractors such as Baitshop. The disproportionate focus on iOS may be explained by the popularity of the iPhone among social, political, diplomatic and business elites.

A similar unit targets Google’s Android which is used to run the majority of the world’s smart phones (~85%) including Samsung, HTC and Sony. 1.15 billion Android powered phones were sold last year. “Year Zero” shows that as of 2016 the CIA had 24 “weaponized” Android “zero days” which it has developed itself and obtained from GCHQ, NSA and cyber arms contractors.

These techniques permit the CIA to bypass the encryption of WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Wiebo, Confide and Cloackman by hacking the “smart” phones that they run on and collecting audio and message traffic before encryption is applied.


Wikileaks are very clear in stating GCHQ’s central involvement in hacking and the creation of tools designed to spy on the people. Look further into this evidence, and take the time to listen to other whistleblowers from the NSA and the CIA on this subject, and it will become clear to you that none of this surveillance and spying is undertaken by these institutions for the benefit of the people. In short, the idea of “national security” is a complete parody, because it always results in the dis-empowering of the individual, and only progresses the authoritarian power and control of the Deep State and its agenda for unlimited access to personal data, and leading to what it terms as “full spectrum dominance” over the human population. All independent data and testimonies point to this same conclusion. To deny it is to admit a gross naivety of the situation.

Amber Rudd, the British Home Secretary appeared on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday 26th March 2017. As the following video clearly shows, Andrew Marr was set-up to ask the question about the attacker “supposedly” using WhatsApp just prior to the vehicle and knife assault at Westminster, London on the 22nd March. The interview was so obviously arranged solely for the purpose of Amber Rudd promoting the UK government’s frantic proposal regarding WhatsApp and the associated platforms mentioned by her in respect to gaining legal access to them.

This is probably the clearest example in a long time of the BBC being the UK’s propaganda channel and nothing more, although countless examples continually abound.

The Andrew Marr Show is the BBC’s flagship weekly politics programme and Andrew Marr is a seasoned BBC reporter (make of that what you will), yet the biggest global story of the last month – Wikileaks Vault 7 revelations – is not mentioned once during this interview (just as it has been ignored in general by the BBC), despite it being central to the issues mentioned. The reasons for this censorship (cover-up) should be obvious to anyone who is awake to the persistent propaganda and fake news shovelled out be the BBC on behalf of the DEEP STATE. Sadly, so many are still in a “deep state” of mind-controlled slumber (no pun intended).


The criminality of GCHQ, the CIA, the NSA and other Deep State corrupted institutions – as extensively exposed by Wikileaks and others – is becoming apparent to more and more people, and the tipping point is approaching. When this tipping point arrives, the people will likely override the government and judicial buffers, which have been put in place in order to place the Deep State above the law. Once this occurs, GCHQ, the CIA and other corrupted institutions will no longer be able to hide behind the bogus claim of “National Security” in order to avoid the transparency that the people rightfully demand, and heads will surely begin to roll.

Either Wikileaks was lying or the Home Secretary was lying, or being lied to

It seems obvious that Amber Rudd was tasked by the Deep State to pre-empt the public’s anger – and resultant legal issues – in gaining knowledge of the true facts of GCHQ’s seemingly criminal involvement in hacking WhatsApp and other platforms. On the one hand Wikileaks had just presented evidence to the world that GCHQ was directly involved in hacking messaging applications, in order to criminally access information, and on the other hand the Home Secretary was claiming that the attacker had specifically used WhatsApp and that the security services (GCHQ and others) were helpless to access it. Either Wikileaks was lying or the Home Secretary was lying (or being lied to by GCHQ whilst being to naive to notice).

As no establishment authority (to my knowledge) has ever refuted the information in “Vault 7” as being at all false, we should assume that Wikileaks’ information is accurate, and until there is information to the contrary, we should regard it to as being the definitive truth. So what does this say about the British Home Secretary’s statements? Was she ignorant of Vault 7 when millions of people without her responsibility were openly talking about it? Perhaps she only gets her information from the BBC and so was indeed ignorant. Or was it the case that she was promoting “fake news” to the British public on behalf of the Deep State?

This interview appears to have had two purposes. The first is to programme the viewers of the programme (no coincidence in the language) with the notion that if they heard about the Wikileaks revelations, as they inevitably began to seep into the public arena, they would be dismissed in consideration of the so-called “need for security”. Those who are awake know this to be nothing other than a classic fear tactic of the Deep State, but the majority are so dumbed down that they still actually believe such scare-mongering rhetoric.

The people only need to fear the deep state and nothing more

In reality, it is the “need for privacy” that is the greatest security issue at present for every individual on the planet, as Wikileaks has incontrovertibly proven. If we are to believe the “real news” rather than the “fake news”, then the people only need to fear the Deep State and nothing more.

The second reason for the interview is that the Deep State desperately needs to legislate in order to legally protect itself against this latest evidence from Wikileaks (and the coming onslaught of further truths), which potentially opens them up to enormous class action suits from those who have had their privacy breached, as well as criminal charges.

The Deep State is collapsing from within at a rapid speed, and the key whistleblowers are those within the organisations who have come to realise that they are working for international criminals and not for legitimate organisations of government that were supposed to be working on behalf of the people. Of course, in truth, these institutions were never designed to do that. They have always worked for the interests of only the elite members of each nation and not the general populace.

In the 21st century, the people no longer need these “in-security services”. Those such as Amber Rudd belong to yesterday’s world. Tomorrow’s world is a world of peace and liberty; not a world of psychopathic instilled fear and surveillance.

Long live Wikileaks – and let’s support and praise every whistleblower who ever seeks to expose the truth for the betterment of the people.

No more deception. No more surveillance. No more secrecy!


Stay informed at the hub for truthful news – … because information is a human right!