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The NWO, The Knightly Orders, the UK General Election & Brexit

by | 22, Apr 2017 | News Kids Editorial, Politics

Puppeteers of The Knightly Orders pulling the strings of May & Farron
The truth behind the UK General Election and its links to Brexit.
Deep politics (not for the Sheeple).

A breakdown of the Deep State’s machinations to date:
Following the removal of the previous Vatican mafia boss, Joseph Ratzinger, a significant rift appeared within the Secret Societies in Rome and then Italy, then Europe and ultimately across the entire globe.

This rift can best be understood as being between the more traditional and esoteric aristocratic elites – or Knightly Orders – and those who are now generally referred to as the Globalist elite or the NWO.

Prior to Brexit, the Knightly Orders begin to oppose NWO factions of the Deep State.
Elizabeth Windsor (aka Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) was instructed to give the signal (using Michael Gove as the leak) to faction members aligned to the Knightly Orders, to break away from public support of the EU and to form the official representation of the LEAVE campaign.


The Knightly Orders are essentially all under the command of the Vatican.

At the same time, representative factions of the Knightly Orders in the US threw their support behind their adopted candidate Donald Trump against the globalist candidate Hillary Clinton.

Both these moves were designed to align the Knightly Orders with the expanding popularist uprising against the establishment. At the higher levels of the political hierarchy (specifically the Rothschild banking system) this was a necessary and standard attachment of the lower level serving factions to every power structure, whether existing or potential. Just as these banking levels of the pyramid controlled both Napoleon and Wellington; both Hitler & Stalin; both Capitalism and Communism, so too will they attempt to control both the Globalists and the Nationalists, respectively through the NWO and the Knightly Orders, and through political institutions from Zionism to Black Lives Matter.

Following Brexit, the Knightly Orders then made moves behind the political scenes to install their preferred political candidate in the UK – Theresa May – to replace the fall-guys to whom they had initially promised commitment – Boris Johnson and Michael Gove. At the same time they made direct threats towards those such as Nigel Farage to stay out of the political limelight as they were too independent of establishment control and to responsive to the people’s wishes. The BBC was then used to systematically discredit each candidate who opposed Theresa May, whilst at the same time the Secret Societies used a mixture of hard and soft blackmail and bribery procedures behind the scenes to force all alternative candidates to concede to May’s leadership of the party and the country.

Theresa May had been a globalist insider but her loyalties ultimately lay with the Knightly Orders and a more traditional version of elite rule over the masses, generally understood as the continuation of the Divine Rights of Kings, esoterically known as hierarchical domination of the human race by the established Annunaki bloodline families.


A selection of Secret Society members of The Knightly Orders of the 20th century. There’s nothing noble in being Knightly.

Such monarchic rule and antiquated customs and rituals associated with its adherents, directly conflicts with the futurist concepts of the transhumanist NWO and the Communistic style of totalitarian rule that is idealised by the globalists.

Due to her prior Rothschild bank and Intelligence programming, and her capacity to deal with both rival factions of the Secret Societies, Theresa May was seen as the ideal candidate to continue to represent elitist control over the UK during a transition from ultimate authority by the NWO factions to a perceived new era of authority under the Knightly Orders, which has not been seen in practice on a global scale for at least 100 years.

Of course, although such a transition may temporarily provide a rest-bite to the people from the current all-out psychopathic agenda of the globalist NWO, the elite bloodlines ultimately control all the sides of the game: the Globalists and the Knightly Orders; the Aristocracy and the Transhumanists.

So the important task is as always to continue to enlighten the populace to the complete fiction of ALL politics, and the absolute reality of DEEP POLITICS and of humanity’s utter manipulation and servitude under the rule of the Secret Societies, which operate with impunity throughout the DEEP STATE, and against the welfare of the greater human populace.

The only real concern of those at the very top of the pyramid of control is that there may be a global awakening of the human populace that cannot be co-opted or destroyed by the political lackeys of the parasitic bloodlines. The awakening of the people is clear to see even within the fixed electoral system that is falsely called democracy. The rise of Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, and of the people’s candidates of the so-called Left and Right throughout Europe, is a beacon of peril to those who are programmed from birth to falsely believe they have an ordained right of privilege over all other sovereign individuals.

The peaceful revolution to end of all revolutions is very tangible because it is so authentic and apparent to all those who are conscious enough to see through the veil of social deception that still blinds the masses.

While the Knightly Orders believe that they have attained sustainable control over Donald Trump, having adequately quarantined him from the people’s voice, and are now in a pitched battle within the Intelligence Services and the Military to seize command from their globalist NWO rivals, Europe is now again the key battleground in regards to the elite’s defence of government against THE PEOPLE.

Similarly to Bernie Sanders in the US, Jeremy Corbyn is the greatest threat to the establishment because he threatens to align the Left against it. The Right is generally able to be pulled to heel by military action, which is the present tactic against Trump in the US. However, the Left has the advantage of being more internally cooperative and less influenced by the political fragmentation of individuality, which is a blessing to the revolution of a person but a curse to any revolution of the people.

This is why Socialism – National Socialism of the Nazis or State Socialism of the Communists – has always been operated at the top by fascists of the Right controlling a deceived collective mass of the Left. Corrupted individuals will always seek to corrupt and dominate a group, and the Secret Societies are always there to politically facilitate that exchange.

During the 20th century, the NWO succeeded in capturing the throne of political power simply because it aimed everything at manipulating and controlling the Left from behind the curtain.

Jeremy Corbyn remains the greatest threat to both the Globalists and the Knightly Orders because – further to the revolution by those on the Right seen in the US election – he threatens to bring about an authentic revolution against the establishment by the Left, and at the very centre of the Secret Societies’ spider’s web – England and the British Isles.

It is for this reason that those who exist at the highest levels of the political pyramid – and who pull the puppet strings of the political puppeteers themselves – have orchestrated what they believe to be a check-mate position against the people.

Following the realisation that a “LEAVE’ vote was imminent in the Brexit referendum, a plan was concocted to irrevocably attach Jeremy Corbyn to the “REMAIN” campaign. Despite the reality that Jeremy Corbyn fully comprehended the Fascist nature of the unelected EU hierarchy, and on balance preferring to leave the EU (whilst retaining certain socialist legislation), the BBC’s propaganda cannons were continually fired at Jeremy Corbyn in an attempt to destabalise him and replace him with a NWO candidate, whilst at the same time pushing him into a position where his base expected him to unequivocally back any attempt to remain within Europe whilst he remained as leader of the Party. The attempt to remove him from control over the Labour Party failed due to the awakening populace that control the party vote – despite 95% of Labour MPs being NWO lackeys – but this victory has resulted in Jeremy Corbyn having to rely on his false conviction to reversing an exit from Europe at any cost.

Once the establishment had gauged that the BBC’s propaganda and fake news had swayed enough of the populace to shift from a position of LEAVE to a position of REMAIN, and following the DEEP STATE’S Scottish insider Nicola Sturgeon’s parallel moves to position Scotland to either remain within the EU or split with the UK (and then unilaterally remain), the chessboard was set-up for Theresa May to call for a general election.

So this is how the DEEP STATE sees this playing out.

As the days tick away towards the General Election, the propaganda unit that is the BBC will move the people towards regarding the General Election as a second EU referendum.

Those who want to remain within the EU will move to vote for Jeremy Corbyn or for the current main globalist stooge within UK politics, the Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron. Tim Farron is primed to announce a Labour/Liberal coalition against the Conservatives as and when his masters perceive that Corbyn is prepared to mandate for a U-turn back into Europe following election victory. Once that is the case, a Labour/Liberal coalition for Europe will be announced.

Those who wish to leave will be forced to vote for Theresa May, who of course was also for the REMAIN campaign before ‘the week of the long knives’, which catapulted her into unelected power immediately following Brexit.

If the Conservatives win, then the main establishment candidate May – an ardent REMAIN campaigner – will reign supreme over Britain’s exiting of Europe (a ‘pillow soft’ Brexit), and if Jeremy Corbyn wins, the victory will be constructed on the basis that he is mandated to extinguish the Brexit LEAVE vote. Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron will be utilised in a pincer movement against Jeremy Corbyn, offering full political support (management) if he agrees, and threatening to oppose him at every opportunity if he does not. This will leave Corbyn as Prime Minister who will be weighed down by a singular task to bring the UK back into Europe. Once that is guaranteed, he will be quickly ousted by the Zionist controlled party with the full support of Tim Farron and Nicola Sturgeon.

There are two Secret Society factions at work here, but both would prefer a united Europe, respectively under either the control of the NWO or under the Knightly Orders.


The New World Order is centred towards transhumanism and a neo-Luciferian doctrine.

However, the Knightly Orders are on the rise and the NWO is on the decline, so if the vote goes to the Conservatives, and Brexit goes ahead, then the Knightly Orders have positioned themselves perfectly within their historic base (England & London) to manage over the collapse of Europe and the reconstruction of it under pseudo-British command.


The Cross of Malta is probably the most recognisable symbol of The Knightly Orders. It represents a two-dimensional pyramid.

The plan could still fail because the landscape is changing so quickly, and the people are speedily beginning to reject the propaganda that they used to willingly accept.

Given a little more time, the people are awakening at a rate that may have scuppered such finely balanced plans, which is one of the reasons why Theresa May was instructed to call a snap Election. There are also astrological reasons, but even the more conscious reader of this article may not have awakened enough as yet to appreciate the significance of such cosmic factors within politics, so we’ll leave that to the side for now.

The important thing to understand about the UK General Election – to bastardise a Francis Bacon (aka Shakespeare) phrase – is that all politics is a Punch and Judy show, and all the puppets merely players. To understand politics, you simply need to understand who is really pulling the strings.


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